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For Sale On-topic items only please...

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Exclamation Rules and Guidelines for the "For Sale" area...

To help keep the "For Sale" area clutter free and to be fair to your fellow members by not constantly pushing their ads to the bottom of the page because people want to play grab-ass and tell the world "they're broke" or "that thing is sweet" in someone else's ad (constantly pushing it to the top)... we're having to set some rules down to keep things straight.

** First, it's not well tolerated that a first post be a for sale ad, we like to get to know you first, it will be removed**

** and foremost... please keep it related to what this board is about... American hot rods, kustoms, stockers, old cars/bikes/parts in general, artwork, kustom kulture, tools, etc... NO LATE MODEL CARS/BIKES, FIREARMS, VEHICLE TITLES, OR OFF-TOPIC ITEMS. VW stuff... post it up over on our sister site - VolksRods.com

** There are spaces to enter in your location (where the item is) and the price... use 'em. ALL ads are required to have a price and location. If you have multiple items in your ad... make sure each part has a price. "Where ya at?" and "how much?"... these are ALWAYS questions asked... think about it.

** No links to your eBay auctions. If you're not able to ship it off when you place your ad... at the SET price you have in your ad... then pawn it somewhere else. We're not going to wait a week bidding on your shit.

** Keep the unnecessary comments and discussions OUT of this area. If you have a random comment... send the seller a PM or an email and tell 'em there. Questions pertaining to the item that might add helpful info for others... that's fine. If some numbnuts has an ad for "some wheels"... totally fine to ask "what bolt pattern", etc (and them call them a numbnuts). Sellers... put all the info you can in your ad and your PM or email boxes won't get bombarded.

** If you send someone a PM or email... you don't need to tell them in their ad... "Hey, I sent you a PM!" Unless the seller is a complete idiot... They're trying to sell something... I'm sure they're keeping an eye on their Inbox without you telling them to... ya think?

** If you sell your item... DELETE THE AD.

** No constant "bumping" of ads. If it's at the bottom of the page... no problem. But your ads aren't any more important than someone else's... so it's kind of a dick move to constantly push their's to the bottom with your "bump" 5 times a day... dig? Let's make it a 3 day limit...

Shit happens and we all forget sometimes... no biggee... we can put up with it the first few times. We start seeing a pattern... your ads will just be deleted.


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